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New Uncapped best effort ADSL service
Uncapped 384k ADSL (IS best effort) = R199
Uncapped 512k ADSL (IS best effort) = R289
Uncapped 4096k ADSL (IS best effort) = R499

Special Services

Linux Hosting

Hosting a public website on one of our servers is the most cost effective way to place your personal/corporate website to the public Internet. This option is used when a client wants a permanent Internet presence for a website, but the client does not wish to layout the capital and other expenditures to have a dedicated server for connecting to the Internet for this purpose. We offer a wide range of services to cater for nearly any website requirements. The client is still fully responsible for the content of the website. Website hosting comes in two major flavors. Linux hosting and Windows hosting.

Website Hosting Plan A - FTP
Website Hosting Plan B(PHP) - FTP, PHP, CGI, Perl
Website Hosting Plan C(PHP) - FTP, PHP, CGI, Perl, Webstats
Website Hosting Plan D(PHP) - FTP, PHP, CGI, Perl, Webstats, OSC
Website Hosting Plan E(PHP) - Plan D with MySQL

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